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These are products and services that our members have requested - that complement your wine-buying experience. We will be adding new products and services from time to time.
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150 Consumers Rd.
Suite 114
Toronto, ON M2J1P9
Phone: (416) 492-3102
Fax: (416) 492-5002
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Here is a listing of Accessories currently available.                        [View printer friendly Order Form]
Name Price  
Artisanal Cheese Surprise Box - Free Shipping $30.00  
Two selections of different local artisan cheese that are or have been featured in our WINE of the MONTH program.
Cabernet Icewine & Chocolates Supreme $48.00  
Canadian Cheese Guide $20.00  
A `must have` for all Canadian cheese lovers. A comprehensive 192 page, full-colour guide full of info about this expanding food category including tasting notes on 225 cheeses.
Canadian Wineries $27.07  
A teriffic new and beautifully illustrated winery guide covering all of Canada!
Chocolates & Cheese Goodies Box - Free Shipping $25.00  
Gourmet Coffee Chocolate Treat $30.00  
Super Gourmet Coffee & Chocolate Treat $49.00  
The Definitive Canadian Wine and Cheese Cookbook $35.00  
For every lover of wine and cheese. 75 delicious recipes featuring Canadian Artisanal cheese - with best wine matches. All the basics of cheese, wine and cheese and cooking with cheese.
Vidal Icewine & Chocolates Supreme $39.00  

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