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Magnotta WineryMagnotta Winery
Magnotta Winery is an experience, an attraction, and for thousands of travelers, a destination. We are pleased to offer comprehensive, informative and unique tours at two of our seven locations. Tours are available seven days a week, year round.
Contact Info: Magnotta Winery
271 Chrislea Road
Vaughan, ON L4L8N6
Phone: 1.800.461.9463
Fax: 905.738.5551
Location Info: Magnotta's seven locations are open seven days a week. Magnotta has locations in Vaughan, Beamsville, Cambridge, Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton, and North York. Call 1-800-461-WINE (9463) or visit www.magnotta.com for store location addresses and hours.

Here is a listing of 16 wines that this winery currently has available      .                  [View printer friendly Order Form]
Name Price  
2012 Enotrium Gran Riserva (OS,OS) $60.15  
2012 Merlot LE (VG+, VG+) $21.15  
2013 Merlot Special Reserve (VG,VG)*NEW $15.70  
2014 Sauvignon Blanc Special Reserve (VG+,G) *NEW* $15.15  
2015 Cabernet Franc LE (VG+,VG+)*NEW $21.15  
2015 Cabernet Franc SR (VG+,VG)*NEW $15.15  
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon LE (VG+, VG) $21.15  
2015 Gewurztraminer Medium Dry SR (VG, VG) $14.70  
2015 Meritage Gran Riserva (OS, OS) $32.15  
2015 Pinot Noir LE (VG, VG) $21.15  
2015 Shiraz LE (VG+,VG) $21.15  
2016 Cabernet Franc Icewine (OS, VG+) $45.05  
2016 Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon SR (VG+, VG) $16.15  
2016 Merlot Special Reserve (VG, VG) $15.95  
2016 Pinot Grigio Special Res. (VG, VG) $14.70  
2016 Pinot2 Special Reserve (VG+,VG+) $14.15  

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