'Maitre fromager' Kathy Guidi

'Maitre fromager' Kathy Guidi, is passionate about cheese, with 35-years in the cheese retail and marketing profession. She is familiar with all aspects of the cheese industry, having worked with cheese ‘mongers’ and producers across Europe, Canada and the U.S. In addition, Kathy owned and operated cheese and deli consulting and food brokerage businesses, and was director of sales training and development for a major Canadian dairy company (Ault Foods), sales and marketing manager, north america for a Canadian cheese company (Balderson) and deli buyer-merchandiser for a national U.S. supermarket chain (Jewel Food Stores). Kathy is a professional nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Foods and Nutrition.

Kathy is founder and president of Artisan Cheese Marketing (ACM), a unique cheese public relations, marketing and education company. The goal of ACM is to expand appreciation and product awareness of artisan cheeses through communication events for consumers, the trade, culinary schools and media. Kathy’s passion is helping people enjoy cheese more by expanding their knowledge of cheese. Exploring cheese with wine and food is a natural, enjoyable way to deliver this knowledge.

Her latest initiative, launch of the 'Cheese Education Guild,' the first in-depth, certificate cheese program in Canada, is another example of Kathy's ability to read market need and respond. A series of three Cheese Appreciation courses allow students to explore and compare cheeses so that they can understand the artistry in a truly great cheese. Optional trade specific courses continue the study program with service and presentation of fine cheese. Kathy has written regular columns for several major food journals in Canada and the US, spoken at many food conferences and led many of her own training programs. She is a founding member and director of the Ontario Cheese Society and belongs to the American Cheese Society, Slow Food International and Woman’s Culinary Network.

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Kathy Guidi
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