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Q: When can I expect to receive my wine?
A: In your order confirmation, you should see an approximate delivery date. While we don't guarantee the exactitude of the delivery date, it should be fairly accurate. Our shipments usually take anywhere between 2 and 5 business days to arrive.

Q: Do you ship your wines to other provinces/territories within Canada or the United States?
A: Unfortunately, the laws in Ontario only allow us to delivery wines WITHIN the province of Ontario, Canada.

Q: Can I mix brands of wine from the same winery in a case?
A: Yes you can. Any mixture you want.

Q: Can I mix brands of wine from different wineries in the same case?
A: Yes you may. Either by ordering one of our Suggested Assortments or by making up your own case. You can save on delivery charges by combining wines from up to three wineries in the same Quick Picks for a nominal surcharge of $2 per order. Nevertheless, each winery's products must be handled separately and any multi-winery order will generate a separate purchase order and invoice for each winery - which will accompany each shipment. See Delivery for details.

Q: Is there a minimum number of bottles that I must buy from any winery during a single visit?
A: Yes there is. Please order at least two bottles from each winery with whom you place an order. And remember, the more you order - the more time and cost you save on shipping.

Q: Why don`t you assign a number rating for the wines on your website?
A: Every wine reviewer sees wines differently and each has his own system for rating them. We thought that it would be more meaningful and helpful for our site visitors and members, to access the impressions of a number of independent and respected wine writers - each with his own subjective views about a particular wine. That way, you can take into consideration not only the winery's description of a wine - but also those of up to three other independent reviewers. This will help site visitors more fully visualize the true nature of a wine - and compare it against his own taste profile.

So, we have our principal reviewers
Tony Aspler and David Lawrason taste each wine posted to our site - and write their descriptions of each wine they recommend. Recommended wine reviews are forwarded to the winery. If OK'd by the winery, a submitted review is posted on our site under the Wine Reviews heading at the bottom of a wine page. Reviews are never altered. Associate reviewer Chris Waters of the St. Catharine's Standard and Vines Magazine has also joined our panel. Chris submits reviews of wines posted that he has tasted in wine country. Evan Saviolidis of Wine Tidings Magazine has also become an associate reviewer.

Only recommended wines are listed on our website, except for new releases not yet tasted. Qualitative ratings of wines accompany each reviewed wine. At the end of the day, we think that this approach is more useful for a visitor trying to select a wine that suits his own tastes - than relying upon the subjective and quantitative appraisal of any single reviewer.

Q: I`ve ordered a Wine of the Month membership. When can I expect delivery?
A: All our Wine of the Month deliveries are sent out in the 3rd to 4th week of each month by Canada Post Xpresspost. If you are not home to receive the wines then you will be left with a Delivery Notification Card indicating the nearest Post Office where you can pickup the wines. If home delivery is not an option then we can have the wines delivered to your work office.

If your subscription includes cheese, it will be sent out on the 4th week of each month. To ensure that the cheeses stay fresh, the shipments are usually sent out at the beginning of the week.

Q: Why should I order a Wine of the Month subscription when I can just go to the LCBO and pick 2 good wines for less money?
A: The value of each wine of the month shipment is unequaled:
o our wine selections include limited availability, non-LCBO and the best new releases
o each shipment comes with winemakersí and cheesemakersí notes and food pairings
o each wine is reviewed and rated by our experts
o each shipment is conveniently delivered to your home or office

Q: What is the difference between the Exploration and Expert levels in the Wine of the Month Club
A: Although the wines at both levels are good, generally the Expert level wines are of a higher quality than those at the Exploration level, with somewhat more depth and complexity.

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